Don’t Flush
Your Money
Down the Drain

Affordable Plumbing Services In Orange County
plumbing offer for drain cleaning and repairs

General plumbing services – without the high prices

We are certified and serve locally in Orange County.

If we can’t fix it we won’t charge!

Running Plumbing offers the best general plumbing services throughout the county. Our vast experience, combined with our unbeatable deals, keep us ahead in business.
We’ve been serving the Orange County area since 2008. We unclog all drains using the latest in plumbing technology. We don’t care how deep your drain is – our tools can help for any situation: 25 feet long for bathrooms, sinks, and tubs; 75 feet long for sinks and laundry lines.

If you’re thinking about building your own home or office, we can help.

Not only do we follow all regulations and rules, we have the knowledge and expertise to install the plumbing and hydraulic systems that are most appropriate for your home or office.
Our plumbers are prepared to help you for any situation that presents itself to you, whether it’s for residential or commercial needs. We’re proudly distinguished from other plumbers by our years of experience and knowledge.

"If you’re looking for a plumber in Orange County, contact running plumbing. Very professional gave me a quote that was reasonable. They finished the job on time and left no mess. I strongly recommend Samuel and his team if you need any type of plumbing work done."


"After calling several companies and no answers being close to end of day, we received a call back right away from this company. The receptionist was very helpful and extremely pleasant understand the importance of the issues and situation that we were against. She assured us that they would be able to send a service tech and our bathroom issues would be taken care of. Marco's arrived on time and even with unexpected surprises that arose we weren't gouged hitting my wallet hard. He explained to us what was going to happen and even the owner came over to assist with the problem that most would have walked away from returning in the morning. Desi & Marco were amazing they finished up and we are as happy as can be with their services! I would recommend them to everyone who has a small or big issue regarding plumbing. Absolutely love this company!"

Francine Vossler

"Every time I have a plumbing need, Desi indeed runs to the rescue and does a thorough job for a fair price. He is friendly, professional, and quick."


"Fast service and great price if you need a plumber
Call them."

Samuel Villalva

"I highly recommend running plumbing. This company is reliable and its super professional workers left me the area where they worked super clean and they arrived on time when I needed them the most because the water leak was damaging more areas. Mr. Samuel quickly solved the problem and to my surprise it was quite cheap. I honestly thought it was going to cost me much more. Excellent work. Thank you so much/"

Luis Alvear

"They arrive very quickly and a good price."

Javier Villegas